04 February 2022


Pitti Yarns 90 - Reflections

The 90th edition of Pitti Filati, the reference exhibition for the world of yarns and knitwear on an international level, was held at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence, from February 2 to 4, 2022.

The event hosted the collections of the most important Italian and international spinning mills, as well as upcoming trends shown by Spazio Ricerca.

This edition was the scene of the renewed collaboration between two important realities in the world of yarns and knitwear: Shima Seiki Italia and Manifattura Italiana Cucirini.

SHIMA SEIKI, the Italian branch of the Japanese company world leader in the sale of straight knitting machines, presented the new capsule collection designed by Vittorio Branchizio, Art Director of SSI, in a combination of style, fibers and increasingly high technical skills.

Among the spinning mills and companies that collaborated in the creation of the 12 outfits that make up the capsule, SSI found MIC to be the ideal partner, for its flair and attention to detail in the production of innovative technical yarns.


VB's EMOTIONAL TECHNOLOGIES collection does not only stand out for its proposal of a modern, urban style, but also challenges the tradition of knitwear by combining natural fibers such as wools and cottons, widely used in knitwear, with yarns in artificial and synthetic materials of different origins, allowing new aesthetic effects and an unusual hand.

In the Pitti 90 panorama, Shima's needs and the possibilities of MIC met, whose yarns, performing in tailoring and embroidery but often marginal in traditional knitwear, are the distinctive feature of this project.

SHIREMA - Dedicated to Shima

For the MIC collection has developed a yarn exclusively for Shima Seiki: SHIREMA. This unique PES-PVU-GL yarn, white/grey in color, is the perfect marriage between technique and aesthetics: it has been used in the realization of a knitted Bomber Jacket, created with the SRY183LPSC 16G machine, giving the reflective effect desired by VB and solving the specific technical problems that arose during the production of the garment, born from the stiffness of other reflective yarns, on machines that require maximum smoothness and flexibility.

Bomber Jacket

LEAF - Biodegradable softness

In combination with viscose and other fibers, MIC's Leaf yarn - in the color grey - was used for the realization of a knitted overcoat, with designs reminiscent of space nebulae and lunar panoramas. Leaf is a highly biodegradable nylon yarn, which degrades in an anaerobic environment in about 5 years. Leaf has given the garment an unparalleled effect of softness and comfort, and is perfectly suited to the MACH2XS 153 15G machine used to create the garment.


STR - High definition brightness

For the realization of a T-shirt have been combined in 50/50 vanisé, wool and MIC's STR yarn in the color blue and anthracite. S.T.R. is a super fine yarn, high strength, able to give a strong contrast, generated by the brilliance of the colors and silky hand of STR, in contrast with the opacity and comfort of wool. The extreme fineness of the yarn has allowed to detail the design of the knit with a very high definition.

T-Shirt STR

ELAN - Informal elegance

MIC's Elan has been used in blue, again in combination with yarns of different origins in black, to create a "maxi knit" dress in which the contrasting play of hand and shine stand out, entirely produced with the machine N.SVR123IPSC 18G by shima, the same used to create the T-shirt. Created for feminine shapes, it dresses the body with elegance and vivacity.

Maxi Knit Dress
Elan maxi knit

REFLECT-MIC - Visibility and safety

The last garment for which MIC has provided a technical yarn, was born from the use of multiple fibers that the avant-garde genius of Vittorio Branchizio has combined in a single suit, inspired by the world of workwear, whose shapes and fit give a new character and possibilities to this fashion sector characterized by a strong technical and safety value. This garment, produced with the machine shima SRY 123LPSV 14G, combines wool, polyamide, Kevlar and, for the reflective bands to ensure visibility, the REFLECT-MIC yarn.

reflective yarn

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