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SHIMA SEIKI and MIC for VB capsule collection


At the 90th edition of Pitti Immagine Filati, Shima Seiki Italia (SSI), branch of the Japanese company world leader in the sale of straight knitting machines, presented the new collection conceived by Vittorio Branchizio (VB), Art Director of SSI.

The Emotional Technologies capsule collection is a combination of style, research of specific yarns and fibers of different nature and high technical skills in knitwear production.

SSI has found in Manifattura Italiana Cucirini (MIC) the ideal partner to produce part of the garments, for its talent and attention to detail in the production of innovative yarns.

All garments are produced by combining fibers of different origins, challenging the habit of limiting fibers to wools and cottons only; promoting new aesthetic effects and contrasts that are only possible with the introduction of technical fibers into the production process.


Among the garments of the capsule of VB, the Bomber Jacket, produced entirely in knitwear, stands out immediately: it uses an expandable yarn as padding, comfortable yarns on the inside, and more technical yarns on the outside to give greater strength and visibility to the garment.

MIC has realized for this garment, exclusively for Shima Seiki, the SHIREMA yarn.

This gray-white yarn is located on the outside of the bomber jacket in the areas where the Art Director wanted to give a reflective effect. Shirema is the fusion of technique and aesthetics: the photo-reflective effect is accompanied by the unique structure of the yarn, developed specifically to make it usable on the machine SRY183LPSC 16G of Shima, because the reflective yarns available on the market, do not flow because they are too rigid or not very resistant.

The spirit of collaboration and innovation of the companies involved, has allowed the development of this specific solution, which once again highlights the passion and attention to detail, typical of Made in Italy companies.


"[...] Research and development have always been our passion as a company and as a family, we have always tried to be innovative in order to go beyond the exclusively technical field of sewing thread, expand our offer and reach high-end customers who want to differentiate themselves from fast fashion starting from the thread. [...]"

Tommaso Cumerlato, CSO of MIC




Reflection is the ability of objects or surfaces that can reflect light in the same direction from which it comes. The reflective object is the more performing, the more it is able to return light regardless of the angle of incidence.

The reflective yarns are used in the world of fashion and clothing to increase safety through greater visibility. The yarn can refract light thanks to different techniques or surfaces. REFLECT-MIC is the photo-reflective thread of MIC range used for embroideries and reflective seams, thanks to a PVU covering and glass microspheres.

SHIREMA is the MIC reflective yarn, developed specifically for the collaboration of MIC and Shima Seiki for the capsule collection by Vittorio Branchizio presented at Pitti 90.


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