Technique and Fashion come together in Vittorio Branchizio's design


The 90th edition of Pitti Immagine Filati, was a scene of novelties for the world of knitwear. We are happy to underline how a strong contribution was brought by the capsule collection of Vittorio Branchizio, Art Director of Shima Seiki Italia, branch of the Japanese company world leader in the sale of straight knitting machines.

The mixture of fibers of different origins, such as traditional wools and cottons, to the more technical , nylon and polyester, has allowed the creation of 12 outfits with an unusual feel and unique fit.

SSI and VB have sought partners for each fiber and yarn, and for the technical fibers with high strength or high value of innovation, have found in MIC spa a valuable ally.


Innovation has reached new heights in an ground-breaking collaboration for the protection of clothing between Shima Seiki Italia and The Woolmart Company, that has used the performing knitting technology of Shima Seiki Italia in the SRY123LPSV 14G machine, 4 producers of Merino wool yarns - Tollegno 1900, Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia, Südwolle Group and Loro Piana Yarns, and other spinning mills for technical yarns inserted in the design by Vittorio Branchizio, in the realization of 4 outfits that reinvent the world of workwear in key of urban wearability.

The technical jacket presented here, has Kevlar reinforcements, inserted in the knitting project, in the areas of greatest friction and rubbing typical of work uniforms, while soft and thermoregulating yarns are used inside to provide greater comfort. Externally, fluorescent and reflective details have been inserted to ensure greater visibility for greater safety.

The reflective yarn used is REFLECT-MIC by Manifattura Italiana Cucirini.


Reflection is the ability of objects or surfaces that can reflect light in the same direction from which it comes. The reflective object is the more performing, the more it is able to return light regardless of the angle of incidence.

The reflective yarns are used in the world of fashion and clothing to increase safety through greater visibility. The yarn can refract light thanks to different techniques or surfaces. REFLECT-MIC is the photo-reflective thread of MIC range used for embroideries and reflective seams, thanks to a PVU covering and glass microspheres.

reflective yarn

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