30 November 2021


IMPRESE VINCENTI 2021 (winning companies) - third edition

Specialised in the dyeing and supply of sewing, knitting and embroidery yarns, Manifattura Italiana Cucirini spa is committed to continually improving its environmental impact, a commitment that has earned it the "imprese vincenti 2021" award, Intesa Sanpaolo's programme for the promotion of Italian SMEs.

Sustainability - Environmental, Social, Governance

112 winning companies were selected and awarded prizes in the eight thematic events of the 2021 programme, out of over 3,500 applications.

The sixth stage of the virtual tour of Imprese Vincenti (winning companies), entitled Sustainability - ESG, focused precisely on the experiences of Italian SMEs actively engaged in production that pays attention to sustainability in all its aspects, was the setting that hosted MIC to address the topic.

At the award ceremony, MIC CEO Gianni Corso highlighted the company's commitment to the different practical aspects of the concept of sustainability applicable to the company: Environmental, Social and Governance.

The 16 Winning Companies in the field of ESG and Sustainability are: Manifattura Italiana Cucirini (Verona), ALB (Sassari), CEP (Trapani), Comat Servizi Energetici (Torino), Diasen (Ancona), Ecoross (Cosenza), Ecozema (Vicenza), Lucy Plast (Perugia), Mario Cucinella Architects (Bologna), NW (Prato), Orobica Inerti (Bergamo), Progeva (Taranto), Rotocalco Mediterranea (Siracusa), Samorani (Forlì), Tecnostrutture (Venezia), Transpack (Padova).

imprese vincenti MIC
imprese vincenti MIC

A family history at the service of textiles.

Manifattura Italiana Cucirini spa is a company that has its roots in textiles in the early decades of the 20th century with the supply of wadding in the Vicenza area. Gradually changing along with the market demands, in 1976 the current MIC spa was founded for the production of sewing threads, later successfully entering also the panorama of suppliers of knitting and embroidery yarns.

The experience of the Cumerlato family, who have always been at the head of the company, and the respect for the cornerstones of its production philosophy - quality, service and sustainability - led MIC to an international expansion that has allowed the Verona-based company to reach today a complete coverage of the European territory and the Mediterranean basin, thanks to the Italian and foreign warehouses and to the various resellers and collaborators.

sustainable yarns

A visible and calculable commitment

MIC's commitment is a path of continuous improvement, aimed at employees and their families (through welfare plans and facilitating partnerships with external bodies), and at the environment; trying to make every action visible and calculable (as far as possible by today's means).

  • GREEN YARNS: The eco-friendly product line offers the market yarns made from recycled sources, with biodegradable characteristics, or obtained from organic cultivations. The chain certifications guarantee that the yarn comes from transparent sources and that workers' rights are respected from the start of the process.
    In addition, the company's R&D department is constantly looking for new, better performing and more respectful solutions.

  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY : The company's machinery was renewed in 2019, allowing a reduction in water consumption of 50% and energy consumption of 35%. The solar panel system, which has been in place since 2006 and has been entirely renovated in recent years, meets approximately 20% of the company's energy needs and has enabled CO2 emissions to be reduced to the same level as the planting of more than 2,200 trees since its installation.
  • WATER PURIFICATION AND ELIMINATION OF DAMAGING CHEMICALS: MIC is Oekotex-100 certified, complies with the Reach specification and is working with 4Sustainability®, with the aim of increasingly eliminating harmful chemicals from production, and becoming compliant with the ZDHC MRLS. In addition, the company's own activated sludge purifier purifies almost all the production water for re-use.


intesa sanpaolo imprese vincenti

The enhancement of Italian SMEs of the Intesa Group

Imprese Vincenti, Intesa Sanpaolo's project for the enhancement of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises is now in its third edition, which started on 15 September and ended on Tuesday 30 November 2021.

This year's journey was developed in eight digital episodes (listed below) that involved the winning companies of this edition, chosen from over 3500 candidates, in different areas of business development:

  • Innovation - R&D
  • Internationalisation
  • Digitisation
  • Agrifood
  • Supply chains and territory
  • Sustainability - ESG
  • People and human capital
  • Impact

This path has helped to highlight the commitment and uniqueness of all those companies that, in their own sector and with different business histories, have managed to increase productivity, respond to the crisis or implement effective strategies for development.

"If the recovery in Italy is faster than expected and higher than the eurozone average, we owe this largely to SMEs, which characterise the specificity of our production system and which are demonstrating a great ability to compete internationally as well."
Stefano Barrese, Head of Intesa Sanpaolo's Banca dei Territori Division

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