HOPI SUIT - Jacket and Trousers

Indigo Eden

The INDIGO EDEN project aims to make manifest, with practical examples, the possibility of producing responsibly and as traceably and transparently as possible. This was made possible by Alessio Berto's careful selection of suppliers, the nature of materials and processes used.

The companies that supplied the materials and provided the machinery for the processes required for the collection are distinguished by a path of sustainability in place and in continuous improvement.

Attached to each garment is a label containing seeds of Moringa, a plant native to India with very high nutritional and healing properties. These seeds will ideally be planted with a future world free of hunger and disease in mind.


The Hopi are a Native American nation with blindingly rich and important history laced with complex tales of mythology, culture, warfare and more.
They are a western group of Pueblo Indians who live in Northeastern Arizona primarily in clustered towns situated on high mesas.

The name Hopi is short for Hopi’sinom which translates to “people who live in the correct way.”

Hopi village life revolves around this concept.

To be Hopi involves revering and respecting all things and is deeply rooted in religion, spirituality, morality and ethics.
They are one of the few groups of Native Americans who have generally maintained their culture despite many historical and modern obstacles.

The Hopi jacket and pants, are inspired by the Hopi Native American tradition.

In the Indigo Eden project they were produced in Denim, with a composition of 100 percent Organic Cotton and rare minerals.

For the production of this garment was used:

• SMART INDIGO dyeing, an innovative and environmentally friendly process by PureDenim: the electrochemical dyeing process uses only indigo pigment, caustic soda (NaOH), water and electricity, avoiding the use of hydrosulfites. Indigo is created locally, verified and controlled during production, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 6 times through on-site production.

• FIBERTRACE® lends trust and integrity to the supply chain, allowing total traceability and vision of the supply chain at every stage of production from fiber to store, thanks to the rare luminescent minerals in the fabric fibers themselves.

• NATURAL RECO is a PVA-Free treatment that protects the yarn during processing and promotes weaving. This agent is produced entirely from industrial food processing waste, eliminating traditional polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-based polluting methods.

• The yarn used for the weaving is MIC spa's MEGAFLEX, a 100% Lyocell Tencel ™ yarn, which is a biodegradable cellulose made from wood pulp from controlled or FSC-certified forests that uses a reused solvent in a continuous cycle during production, reducing the emission of chemicals into wastewater.

• The linings are made of cotton from dormant stock.

Buttons and coulisse regulators are REACH-compliant and made from beetroot.


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