21 September 2023

Più di Un sogno (More than a dream)

Foundation for Down Syndrome and Intellectual Disability

Why dream a different future for children with intellectual disabilities?
From childhood to adulthood we develop Life Projects.
Dream with Fondazione Più di un Sogno Onlus.

We support people with Down syndrome and intellectual disability to help them achieve a better quality of life.

In Verona (North-East Italy), the Più di un sogno (more than a dream) foundation for the support and job placement of people with Down Syndrome and intellectual disabilities was born.

We invite you to discover this reality, by visiting www.piudiunsogno.org, which reminds us of the real value of work and how it is not only a duty, but a right of every person, because - despite the hardships of every day - there is a need for a place where one can get to know, know oneself and realise oneself by putting one's hands to work.

Meeting these young people we discover that not everything is frenzy and that the world does not change because of a late delivery. But that one has to put one's all into it, work as a team and find creative ways to cope with life's needs, whatever they may be.

The projects followed by the foundation are numerous: 

VALEMOUR : It takes care of the training paths for obtaining working autonomy and the autonomy education projects.

PIÚ DI UN SOGNO : Coordinates all the group's activities.

PIÚ DI UNO : Voluntary association that takes care of the quality of the children's weekend leisure time, events and transport.

PIÚ MEDICI IN FAMIGLIA: Multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for Down children and genetic syndromes, supporting families.

PROJECT T-LAB : a creative workshop, a vegetable garden and a cooking workshop, all dedicated to young people with greater fragility who cannot find their rightful place in the corporate world

MIC spa supports the foundation Più di un Sogno (More than a Dream) and I Bambini delle fate (Children of the Fairies), a reality committed to the dissemination and support of territorial associations and foundations throughout Italy, which help the employment and social integration of people with intellectual disabilities and syndromes of various kinds.

If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us!

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