MIC spa's continuous improvement plan

The management of MIC SpA has for years been committed to pursuing the objectives of continuous improvement of its environmental impact, as an integral part of its business and as a strategic commitment of the company, by means of human, instrumental and economic resources.

MIC SpA - Manifattura Italiana Cucirini supplies raw materials, dyes and markets sewing, embroidery and knitting yarns.

Believing that respect for the environment is an essential pillar for the company's development, MIC SpA's management is committed to certifying itself according to the international standards OEKOTEX, GOTS, GRS and to complying with the REACH and 4sustainability® standards, in compliance to ZRSL ZDHC protocols, applying the environmental and social sustainability protocols contained in the directives of the above-mentioned realities, receiving periodic audits to guarantee the commitment made.

The measures pursued, with a view to continual improvement, are in the area of research into eco-friendly raw materials, implementation of a structured chemical management system, renewal of production machinery with new, higher-performance machines with a lower energy impact, expansion of the company's photovoltaic system for greater efficiency, and improvement of the work environment for better liveability and safety.

In this context, for the improvement of the company and the textile sector to which MIC SpA belongs, we believe it is necessary to pursue the points of prevention, information and strategy listed in this environmental policy, and with this in mind MIC SpA undertakes to

  • Informing, training and sensitising employees to perform their duties with respect for their colleagues, the company and the surrounding environment;
  • Correctly manage and, as far as possible, save natural and energy resources, and recover processing waste in the production cycle;
  • Preventing inefficiencies, rather than eliminating them after the fact, by identifying the causes and controlling the processes within each specific task;
  • Study and design technologies and processes with a focus on reducing pollution risks;
  • Elaborate and develop action plans containing measures and procedures to prevent accidental or emergency situations and to contain their effects;
  • Constantly check working methods and operating procedures to prevent accidents and non-conformities;
  • Put in place and maintain a structured and reliable system for collecting the data necessary to manage the system, and on this basis implement a comprehensive and reliable monitoring programme;
  • Respect the principles of transparency, fairness and good faith in relations with institutions, customers, suppliers, competitors, avoiding unfair acts;
  • Monitoring the environmental aspects associated with our activity and that of the companies that operate on our behalf, and the fulfilments required by the relevant environmental regulations;
  • Increase the training and awareness of our employees and customers, downstream and upstream of the textile supply chain, so that they in turn implement responsible environmental management systems;
  • Carrying out checks, inspections and audits to identify and prevent any situations of non-compliance with management system requirements;
  • Periodically reviewing the environmental policy itself and the management system implemented;
  • Pursuing the achievement of quality objectives under economically efficient conditions;
  • Full compliance with all mandatory, legal and regulatory requirements applicable to its environmental aspects and products, as well as labour regulations including, in particular, the Workers' Statute and the National Collective Labour Agreement and the Constitution of the Italian Republic.

This policy and the company's environmental objectives will be disseminated among all personnel, (by means of posting in the workplace and on the company website), outside the organisation and to all those who request it.




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