23 October 2023


An Innovative Alternative for Textiles

MIC spa, a company specialised in the production of sewing threads, unveils the future with HILAYA® MIC, an organic cotton and Himalayan nettle yarn, in collaboration with Nettle Circle. This exceptional sewing material alternative is made from Himalayan nettle and GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton, representing an ethical and environmentally friendly option.

Nettle Circle, renowned for producing sustainable natural fibres, proudly offers HILAYA® MIC, an innovative yarn that combines the extraordinary properties of nettle with the purity of organic cotton. This partnership between MIC spa and Nettle Circle opens up new possibilities in the world of sewing, offering a responsible, high-quality solution.

Nettle fibres, derived from Himalayan plants, are grown in a controlled manner in India, Nepal and Bhutan, helping to generate additional income in local communities. This material requires significantly less water than cotton and is pesticide-free, making it an environmentally friendly choice for responsible sewing.

Hilaya organic cotton Cornelia Bahmert
Hilaya organic cotton

Nettle Circle founder and CEO Cornelia Bamert, an expert in the field of sustainable fashion, conducted extensive research to discover the benefits of nettle fibres. This innovation led to the creation of Nettle Circle in 2020 and the launch of HILAYA® MIC.

The aim of Nettle Circle is to combine regeneratively grown local fibres with local production, helping to promote responsible fashion in both production and consumption.

HILAYA® is branded by Nettle Circle to guarantee its origin in Himalayan nettle. MIC spa collaborates with Nettle Circle to develop, produce and promote this extraordinary yarn, available for fabrics, accessories and yarns. This partnership not only guarantees the certified production of HILAYA® nettle fibre, but also supports the local communities involved in the process.

The versatility of HILAYA® in improving the performance of other fibres makes it an ideal choice in the sustainable yarn market. Furthermore, HILAYA® MIC yarn promotes regenerative agriculture, supports biodiversity and improves soil quality.

MIC spa, together with other partners such as ELASTEN, HAELIXA, RIETER, RIRI and OFFICINA 3, is determined to revolutionise the textile industry by introducing HILAYA®, a sustainable yarn that fits perfectly into the world of responsible sewing.

By choosing HILAYA® from Nettle Circle, MIC spa demonstrates its commitment to promoting sustainability, social and environmental responsibility in the field of sewing threads, opening up new opportunities for a more eco-friendly and future-oriented textile industry.

Hilaya® is a fibre that hides behind it a long search for quality materials and responsible processes. This organic cotton and Himalayan nettle fibre aims to participate in the transformation of the textile landscape, improving not only production and profit, but also social welfare.

Successfully presented at the last FFE in London, Hilaya® will again be in the spotlight at the upcoming Future Fabric Expo on 14-15 November 2023 in New York. An unmissable opportunity to immerse yourself in the universe of this extraordinary fibre.

If you would like to learn more about Hilaya® MIC, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further information!


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