13 July 2023


Made in Italy, biodegradable and recycled products, certifications and route

Important recognition of manifattura Italiana Cucirini spa's green commitment: on July 13, 2023, it was awarded the GOAL SUSTAINABILITY award.

The company is pleased to share its ongoing commitment to pursuing a path of continuous improvement toward a sustainable future.

The Obiettivo Sostenibilità Award was given ex aequo to Manifattura Italiana Cucirini Spa and Cantina Villa Medici, for their voluntary and conscious commitment to promoting corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability through concrete actions and good practices adopted in corporate life.

Sustainability is an important commitment that permeates every aspect of the company reality specialized in the production, dyeing and supply of sewing embroidery and knitting yarns.

Resources and time are in fact dedicated to energy efficiency, the search for sustainable and responsible raw materials, the welfare of our employees and the support of the realities of the Veronese territory.

Receiving this prestigious award is an honor and is dedicated to all MIC employees. The company recognizes that new generations are increasingly sensitive to sustainability issues and is proud to be an active part of this movement, for the well-being of all.

Participating in the Objective Sustainability track was a stimulating experience for the company, which took the opportunity to get involved in this topic again. The company's choices were always guided by common sense, not just by a score.

MIC spa is grateful for the support received from iPlus, Event Lab, ForGreen and Teamsystem, which supported and represented the Obiettivo Sostenibilità Award ed. 2023.


Verona Network - Verona's territorial network brings together various entities, institutions and companies - is the hat under which the various companies that developed the Objective Sustainability Award work together to promote opportunities for discussion and growth for the city of Verona. Verona Network has more than 60 institutional members and represents over 3000 economic operators and more than 50,000 citizens of Verona.

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