16 January 2023


#H.E.A.D. #RecreatingFashion

"Here is a beautiful if simple reminder of what I call a great souvenir. I like to remember moments in a way that no one would remember, except Sam Barsky.

So I knitted a picture of that special day. The sunset was followed by a wonderful moonrise. And you know what?

I realized that clothes are a way for me to enjoy the journey and, in a way, they help me remember.

So yes, I may be a materialistic person, but at least I have my own way of organizing memories in my mind."

Hannah B.

rising of the moon


The garments in this mini-collection are the designer's way of conveying her relationship with clothes during her travels. The aim is to create a garment that can offer something extra, without the addition of other clothes or accessories. The idea stems from the connection HB has made between souvernirs and the emotions that arise from travel. With the two garments HB shows us the possibility of manipulating materials and deepening the opportunities that a garment has to offer, playing with the removal and deconstruction of the garments' original forms.

The garments are sustainable: designed in the cradle2cradle process, the garments are made of 100 percent natural fibers, dyed with natural colors and entirely sewn with GOTS organic cotton thread, by MIC spa.



Made from an old Swiss army blanket, dyed with natural indigo, the bag-me coat features pewter buttons, made by the designer herself to recreate a childish and spontaneous feel, and large pockets, to accentuate the need to carry only the necessities, but at the same time offers the possibility of being transformed into a shorter version of a coat, with a bag.



Made from a Swiss brand denim, it is sewn with navy blue GOTS organic cotton thread and features pewter buttons in a casual look inspired by the usual way tourists wear their shirts-or sweaters-around their necks or waists.


GOTS certified organic cotton sewing thread from MIC.

Used in the HB project in tobacco and navy blue colors for stitching and topstitching on garments to meet the designer's sustainability intent.


HEAD is Geneva's fine arts academy, renowned for the quality of its courses in Visual Arts, Communication and Fashion Design. The institute's pedagogical philosophy emphasizes personal and social freedom and responsibility, encouraging the individuality of each student.

The "Bag-me Coat" and "Shirt jeans" are two garments from Hannah Bordier's pre-collection made for a project in her fashion design course at HEAD - School of Fashion Design.

Hannah Bordier


Hannah Bordier is a senior, third-year student in the Fashion Design course at HEAD in Geneva, Switzerland.

She is the designer and maker of the Fashion Souvenir project, presented here.

She decided to study fashion around the age of 15 after realizing that clothes were her way of expressing herself. Halfway between artist and designer, she sees it as essential to transform fashion according to a sustainable perspective, and wants to actively participate in this change.

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