Floating threads cut for denim effect on wool

Presented at the 93rd edition of the Pitti Immagine Filati in Florence, it is a 6-thread jacquard suit, characterised by a jacket and trousers, with a woven cover that is subsequently cut and torn to give it a dishevelled look, but at the same time extremely detailed.

A special and unique feature of the garment is the use of floating threads of the jacquard, on the outside instead of the inside, to embellish the design of the garment to make it unique and highly recognisable.

In addition to EXTÉ 2.7 SOFT (elastic which compacts the stitch of the jacquard, allowing for softness but holding the garment in time) and blue wools, Polidenim 120 yarn was used - Polycotton 40% PL + 60% CO - Cotton-covered polyester filament, with special indigo effect dyeing which allows the yarn to give the fabric and the stitching a denim effect.


The Jacquard Suit uses 6 different jacquard yarns, including 4 different sized wools, a polycotton yarn (MIC's Polidenim) with a washed denim effect, and an elastic yarn throughout the garment.

Design: Vittorio branchizio

Machine used: Shima Seiki Italia, SRY 183 LPSC 16G

Fineness: 16

Technique used: Drop knit, Jacquard

Time required: Knit 702' - Trousers 490'

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