Three-dimensional wholegarment with degradé

The Origami Dress 2.0 is a 3D knitted turtleneck dress developed with the wholegarment-seamless technique. It was presented at the 93rd edition of Pitti Immagine Filati at the Shima Seiki Italia stand where MIC spa was present in collaboration with the Italian branch of the Japanese company.

The 3D effect is given by the repetition of the shape of a parallelepiped along the entire surface of the dress. Highly soft at the shoulders, it becomes more and more evident and pronounced as one approaches the bottom.

This garment is the evolution of the Origami dress proposed last season, using 3 cashmere yarns in 3 different colours in the same shade: light, medium and dark, in order to emphasise the 3d effect of the parallelepipeds on the knit thanks to a game of emphasising shadows.

The use of the degrade technique on the shapes rather than on the colour was particular, enhancing the three-dimensional design.


Origami Dress 2.0 uses 4 threads, 3 of which are cashmere and EXTÉ 2.7 SOFT in the colour white, to maintain the three-dimensionality of the design. The garment is a side wholegarment, which comes out of the machine ready for washing.

Design: Vittorio branchizio

Machine used: Shima Seiki Italy, NSVR 183V 21G

Fineness: 14

Technique used: Wholegarment, Jacquard

Time required: 124'

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