Doublé workmanship with faux needlework rib

At the 93rd edition of Pitti Immagine Filati on the Shima Seiki italia stand, MIC supported the Japanese company by presenting the EXTÉ elastic yarn used in THE ORBIT collection on display at the fair.

One of the items in the capsule consists of a double knit coat with faux rib.
Mock Ribbed Coat combines 3 different production techniques typical of knitwear: double, mock rib and inlay, in a single production.

The garment comes out of the machine, ready to be applied with pockets, mock ups, collars and buttons, without further processing.

The workmanship of the orange bands of the design, are produced with the inlay technique; the white ribs are faux ribs with needle waste (they look sewn but come out of the machine that way), the rest of the garment is a traditional jacquard knit.


6-thread coat for Jacquard, intarsia and faux rib, using wool, Cashmere, Linen and technical yarns such as MIC EXTÉ 2.7 SOFT elastic for coupling the 2 knitted fabrics that make up the outside and inside of the garment.

Design: Vittorio branchizio

Machine used: Shima Seiki Italia, SRY 123LPSV 14G

Fineness: 14

Technique used: Man Drop, Double, Jacquard, Inlay

Time required: 450'

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