Reflections of light and metallic hints

The new capsule - THE ORBIT - by Vittorio Branchizio and Shima Seiki italia presented at the 93rd edition of Pitti Immagine Filati uses new knitting techniques, alternative yarns and new ideas for innovative looks.

One example is the Metal Dress: Reflections of light and metallic references illuminate this dress made using the inverse plating technique (inverted vanisé) capable of giving softness and definition to the design.

A garment born from a meticulous study of plays of light realised on a metal sheet subsequently re-proposed in a knitwear key, thanks to the fineness 18 of the machinery used and the skilful use of the inverted vanisé technique capable of recreating a defined and credible degradé effect in appearance.



The dress uses 5 different yarns to create the knit, the blue buttonholes characterising the garment, and EXTÉ 2.7 SOFT elastic to give the garment the softness and compactness necessary to last.

Design: Vittorio branchizio

Machine used: Shima Seiki Italia, NSIR 123 SPIP 18G

Fineness: 18

Technique used : Calato Woman, Inverted Vanisé

Time required : 120'

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